Document Management System



Today’s world is all about creating value spaces, intelligent concepts and constantly adding business value. To address these issues, we hereby present smart filing solutions namely “ E-DOC MANAGER”. These solutions will help you to encapsulate, record, share, analyse and retrieve data in matter of few seconds from any part of the world. It is widely believed that the less the time and effort taken to retrieve data, the better is regarded its systemic efficiency and thereby adds silent but vital value to smooth functioning of business.

Let us take a short trip to understand featured of “ E-DOC MANAGER” and how would it benefit your organization?

Bunch of files stacked, delay in filing documents, wrong filing of documents, improper indexing of files – these are few common scenes in most of Indian offices. Due to lack of filing discipline or ignorance, lot of time is wasted in locating right files / documents (very important ~ less important). In fact sometimes, these documents are never found. This leads to duplication of work and at times results into unnecessary losses. The files / documents in subject can be any of these – excise related, sales tax, pan card, passport, rental agreements, legal, finance,  bank related, employee data, statutory etc.,

manages all types of records by filing them in right places with right indexing. By doing so, user enjoys the freedom of retrieving / accessing documents or files any time, from any part of the world in matter of few seconds, thereby saving precious time and energy. Right content reaches right hands instantly. Helps in faster decision making thereby drives team to stay ahead of competition. It reduces usage of paper, thereby saving stationery expenses (savings can be up to few lacs for large / medium size organizations) and also contributing to green conservation. All of this naturally adds to bottom line of the organization. ROI can be as low as XX months. Moreover, important records and files are preserved safely for life time with minimal effort / intervention.

E-Doc Manger works on html platform and its search feature is amazingly simplified for best utility of the product. The indexing is carefully done as per the importance and retrieval frequency of a particular record or file. Its universal feature allows multiple users access / retrieve data anytime and from anywhere. However, pre-decided permissions and security controls are given for safety of records.